^ App\Entity\DatapackageData {#855
  -id: 2351
  -datapackage: Proxies\__CG__\App\Entity\Datapackage {#866
    -id: 150879
    +__isInitialized__: false
  -locale: "EN"
  -sliderHeader: "Twinler"
  -sliderImage: "3336003.jpg"
  -sliderText: ""
  -metaTitle: "Twinler"
  -metaText: "It's back! By unprecedented demand for a pike lure – the original Mann’s Twinler! This unique pike magnet is available from retailers once again. The same assortment in eight attractive colours. Often imitated, the Twinler's action is completely unique. Whether cast out and trolled or steadily retrieved, the highly stable action of the soft lure and alternating wriggles of the sickle tail make this lure a one-off. No other double-tailed twister has accounted for so many monster pike. Why not try it for yourself?"
  -metaImage: ""
  -designationUri: "twinler-3336-3336003"
  -cnxSysname: "dp.17-08-2022_10-08.262"
  -cnxSysid: 150879
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