^ App\Entity\DatapackageData {#855
  -id: 1514
  -datapackage: Proxies\__CG__\App\Entity\Datapackage {#866
    -id: 150786
    +__isInitialized__: false
  -locale: "EN"
  -sliderHeader: "Smoke S3 Inshore"
  -sliderImage: "0550.jpg"
  -sliderText: ""
  -metaTitle: "Smoke S3 Inshore"
  -metaText: "Like its freshwater sister, the new Smoke 3 Inshore, which is specially designed for saltwater fishing, also has a new and improved third edition. Perfect mid-sized spinning reels för sea anglers – whether for bass, cod or sea trout. The special production methods and materials ensure extreme corrosion resistance even with frequent use in salt water. And the angler has a chance to appreciate the renowned combination of lightness and stability offered by Smoke reels. The Smoke also impresses with a “braid band”, a specially designed rubber ring on the spool, which enables the spool to be immediately loaded with braided line without firstly having to load backing line onto the spool core. The braid sits securely on the rubber and twisting is completely eliminated."
  -metaImage: ""
  -designationUri: "smoke-s3-inshore-0550-0550030"
  -cnxSysname: "dp.17-08-2022_10-08.169"
  -cnxSysid: 150786
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