^ App\Entity\DatapackageData {#855
  -id: 3449
  -datapackage: Proxies\__CG__\App\Entity\Datapackage {#866
    -id: 151001
    +__isInitialized__: false
  -locale: "EN"
  -sliderHeader: "Claw Treble Hooks"
  -sliderImage: "6280001.jpg"
  -sliderText: ""
  -metaTitle: "Claw Treble Hooks"
  -metaText: "In our Q-Hook assortment there is a very special hook - the first and only treble hook with a baitholder! This special 'Claw Treble' is bent in such a way that its claw can be fixed very easily to any part of the soft lure in an optimal way, without damaging the lure or affecting its movement. And the highlight: all three hook tips protrude freely to strike! Bulk packed and available in eight hook sizes from 6 to 4/0."
  -metaImage: ""
  -designationUri: "claw-treble-hooks-6280-6280001"
  -cnxSysname: "dp.17-08-2022_10-08.384"
  -cnxSysid: 151001
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