^ App\Entity\DatapackageData {#855
  -id: 2495
  -datapackage: Proxies\__CG__\App\Entity\Datapackage {#866
    -id: 150895
    +__isInitialized__: false
  -locale: "EN"
  -sliderHeader: "4street Rubber Jig"
  -sliderImage: "3577101_201_301.jpg"
  -sliderText: ""
  -metaTitle: "4street Rubber Jig"
  -metaText: "The ideal solution for spoiled perch! The pulsating ‘skirt’ that attracts the attention of prickly predators when the jig hits the bottom not only comes into its own when jigging and twitching off the bottom, it is also ideal for retrieving with regular pauses in spinning. The flexible weed protection to the front on the head also prevents the jig from being caught between obstacles and keeps the hook from dirt and plant residues. Available in 4 weights and 5 enticing colours."
  -metaImage: ""
  -designationUri: "4street-rubber-jig-3577-3577101"
  -cnxSysname: "dp.17-08-2022_10-08.278"
  -cnxSysid: 150895
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