EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+ Pole / EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+

  • EXO SPHERE Zero-G F1+: High-end 16m+ pole for experienced match anglers of a professional standard
  • PROPERTIES: Ultra-light and ultra-stiff thanks to Japanese carbon of the highest available quality
  • FEATURES: Tactile Precision Points, supplied with square pole protectors and EXO Multi Kits
  • COMPATIBILITY: 100% compatible with all Sphere and Silverlite poles; the top 3 sections are also compatible with the Xitan series


EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+ – Redefines the possible Browning always seek to push the boundaries of pole design - both by producing the lightest and stiffest poles available and, of equal importance, introducing advanced features that turn a carbon tube into a complete product. Following the success of our outstanding Zero-G F1+, we now introduce the EXO SPHERE Zero-G which redefines the possibilities of pole design and manufacture. The latest manufacturing techniques and careful use of aerospace grade carbon fabric has allowed us to produce a pole that truly has no equals, and even out-performs Browning’s other Sphere poles. The EXO Sphere is a professional level competition pole, hand made for the experienced match angler who wants the very best available. The EXO is significantly lighter and stiffer than the standard Sphere F1+, and any other flagship pole. It is easily fishable to the available 17m – and truly unbelievable at any shorter length ! The EXO Sphere is supplied with 2 versions of our unique Multikit, both incorporating an innovative and true camouflage finish to break the outline of the topkit over water, therefore less likely to scare fish. Our proven Sphere Multikit has been supplemented by a new Multikit “light” specifically developed for use with lighter grade elastics, and to further improve the balance of the pole at very long lengths. All Sphere poles have unique Tactile Precision Points on the butt sections for easy accurate fishing. However, the EXO has additional Tactile Points on the middle sections for accuracy at all lengths. In addition, the Tactile Points on the EXO butt sections are raised further making the pole “faster” to use. As with all Sphere poles, we do not specify meaningless elastic rating as this is no real measure of a pole’s strength. Used correctly the EXO Sphere pole is adequately strong for all typical match fishing situations where a conventional top-end pole would be used. The EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+ includes an enhanced range of Sphere pole innovations including - EXO Multikits, a topkit design that can be used as a 2.5m conventional kit, or as a 1.75m one piece kit, without loss of pole length. Fitted with our unique adjustable Duo-bush. In 2 versions to cover every need and style of fishing, both with an innovative camouflage finish. - Tactile Precision Points, raised areas on the butt and, on EXO, the middle sections that can be felt when shipping the pole out. They allow accurate fishing without looking down for painted lines, and act as a “stop” by marking the end of the pole. - SEPPs, a special versions of our unique Square Pole Protector sections which make fishing at long lengths and in windy conditions comfortable and stable. - The “Extender”, a 1m long, full quality, butt section that can be used to extend the pole to 17m, or to give different length options when fishing to features or islands etc. EXO Sphere Zero-G F1 plus key features • The choice for experienced, professional level competition anglers who demands the best • Made with the highest quality Japanese carbon available with internal reinforcing on key sections. • A true 16m+ pole “ready to fish” when combined with the Ergonomic Square Pole Protector • Ultra light and ultra stiff, with performance that does not deteriorate even at full length • Ground surface finish and minimal matt paint for fast and easy shipping in all conditions • Supplied with Browning’s Ergonomic Pole Protectors (SEPPs) for comfort and stability in windy conditions • Carbon banded female joints, plus over-wrapped male joints on high-wear sections • Supplied with cammo’ finished Sphere Multikits, with a unique Duo-bush allowing a choice of tip size • The Sphere Zero-G has conventional length butt sections of 1.85m • Fully section compatible with all Sphere poles top 3 section compatible with all Xitan poles


Code Model Length Sections Tr.-Length Weight RRP £
image 10217 130 EXO Sphere Zero-G F1+ Pole 13 m 8 1,8 m 725 g 2999.99 £
image 10217 998 Extension 14,5 m 1,8 m 1 1,8 m 226 g 699.99 £
image 10217 999 Extension 16 m 1,8 m 1 1,8 m 260 g 699.99 £
image 10217 993 Multi Kit 2/1 Camou 3,9 mm 2,5 m 2 1,75 m 43 g 179.99 £
image 10217 992 Multi Kit 2/1 Light Camou 3,9 mm 2,5 m 2 1,75 m 35 g 179.99 £


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