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  -id: 7247
  -datapackage: Proxies\__CG__\App\Entity\Datapackage {#866
    -id: 151423
    +__isInitialized__: false
  -locale: "EN"
  -sliderHeader: "CK Carp Waggler"
  -sliderImage: "12239330_AZ_Main1.jpg"
  -sliderText: ""
  -metaTitle: "CK Carp Waggler"
  -metaText: "A classic 11’/3.3m 2 piece rod with a parabolic “non-lock” action for carp or other hard fighting fish.  The perfect multi-purpose rod for pellet waggler and all other styles of carp float fishing.  The high quality blank is light in weight and very slim and has a short length handle to allow the rod to be moved quickly for “feed-cast-feed” techniques.    Fitted with quality line guides  a special contoured handle and a snag-free hook keeper."
  -metaImage: ""
  -designationUri: "ck-carp-waggler-12239330-12239330"
  -cnxSysname: "dp.17-08-2022_10-08.806"
  -cnxSysid: 151423
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